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Your Time Value Proposition

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In this week’s episode of STRonomics, Bill and Kenny delve into their strategies for securing more fall bookings while effectively managing their time through the use of Virtual Assistants (VAs). They discuss their ongoing and upcoming endeavors, highlighting the role of VAs in their operations.

Emphasizing their experience with VAs, Bill, and Kenny reveal a crucial insight they’ve gained over time: the effectiveness of specialized expertise. They recognize that a top-tier VA is one who excels in a specific area rather than attempting to master every task. By identifying tasks that are repetitive yet necessary, they’ve optimized their approach by entrusting these responsibilities to dedicated professionals, thus liberating their own time.

The discussion extends to the approach they advocate for the fall season. Bill and Kenny advocate for a comprehensive evaluation of ongoing tasks and their outcomes. They stress the importance of introspection to ensure that essential goals are being achieved. A significant portion of the conversation revolves around their meticulous exploration of available VAs. By researching extensively, they’ve discovered VAs capable of not only streamlining tasks but also freeing them to focus on critical ‘CEO’ decisions, removing concerns about intricate aspects like Booking Lead Time.

Throughout the episode, the duo underscores the significance of preparedness as autumn and winter approach. Time emerges as a finite resource, particularly for capitalizing on market opportunities influenced by economic fluctuations. They emphasize the necessity of integrating VAs seamlessly into one’s bustling business to pave the way for future success and growth. The episode resonates with the message that the investment in VAs today translates into invaluable dividends down the line.

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[00:03] Introducing STRonomics

[01:30] Managing Your VAs

[07:41] Hiring Specialists

[08:25] Identity Genius Zone

[10:35] Tasks Given to VAs

[17:20] Doing Your Research

[20:30] VA in Marketing

[22:42] Are You Doing Everything?

[23:10] Starting Now

[24:00] Booking Lead Time

[25:00] Taking Action

[26:35] Gulf Shores, Alabama

[28:50] You Need Some Help

[29:40] Wrapping Up

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