Our Team & Mission

Wil Slickers – Founder

Hospitality.FM is a podcast network dedicated to bringing the best hospitality-focused podcasts to those in and around the industry. From Food & Beverage, Guest Experience, Diversity & Inclusion, Tech, Operations, Hotels, Vacation Rentals, and so much more, Hospitality.FM is passionate about giving the industry a prominent and louder voice to reach more listeners by “Going All In On Audio.”

What started as a simple podcast for Wil Slickers, over the years of growing his audience and learning the ins and outs of the podcast world and being mentored by others along the way, he is now going all-in on audio! Most podcasts statistically don’t make it past ten episodes when they launch and with HFM, we want to make sure that statistic no longer becomes true. The audio revolution is here, and we are going to lead it all with the power of podcasting.

Claire Hooker – Head of Content & Production

Claire joins us to take on many projects within the company from podcast editing & production to growing a team underneath her leadership and becoming involved with the growth of the company with a focus on partnerships!

With a degree in Business & Marketing from Florida State University, we are excited Claire is joining us with her experience in podcast editing and production and will be setting the standards for what Hospitality.FM is and will become.

Michael Chemaly – Content Lead

Michael started his professional career in content creation at the young age of 16 where he mainly worked with local businesses in San Diego helping create content for their websites and social media.

Now, with Hospitality.FM, Michael will be working with podcasts on production and content creation for multiple platforms in order to increase audience and reach through dynamic content.

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