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The Podcast Network for Hospitality Pros

Hospitality.FM is a podcast network dedicated to bringing the best hospitality-focused podcasts to hospitality professionals.

With a collection of 30+ podcasts under the Hospitality.FM umbrella, you’ll find shows that delve into every facet of hospitality. From entrepreneurial leadership insights to turn day tips, and everything in between, each show aims to unlock the secrets of successful hospitality operations, investment wisdom, and the art and science of creating unforgettable guest experiences.

Hospitality.FM podcasts serve up the insights you need to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the hospitality industry.


Wil Slickers – Founder & CEO

Wil got his journey started by working the front desk at a Marriott Hotel in Spokane, WA. From there, his passion for the industry was forever seeded and in 2018 he started his podcast, Slick Talk: The Hospitality Podcast. Taking it from a fun side-hustle to now a full-time podcast network, Wil has continued to focus on relationships and amplifying voices through the powerful medium of podcasting.

Claire Hooker – Network Producer

Claire joins us to take on many projects within the company from podcast editing & production to growing a team underneath her leadership and becoming involved with the growth of the company with a focus on partnerships!

With a degree in Business and Marketing from Florida State University, we are excited Claire is joining us with her experience in podcast editing and production and will be setting the standards for what Hospitality.FM is and will become.

Mike Chemaly – Network Producer

Michael started his professional career in content creation at the young age of 16 where he mainly worked with local businesses in San Diego helping create content for their websites and social media.

At Hospitality.FM, Michael works with podcasts on production and content creation for multiple platforms in order to increase audience and reach through dynamic content.

Kelsey Tran – Network Producer

Kelsey loves all things creative and has been producing, creating, and editing content for over ten years. Through the years, she has dedicated her time to editing YouTube videos, photography, social media content, and performing onstage.

Within Hospitality.FM, Kelsey works with network creators to produce and edit their shows to ensure quality and success of their podcast.

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