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Your Direct Booking Site Sucks! Here’s How To Fix it.

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Segment 1: The Power of Conversion

  • Bill emphasizes the significance of marketing and sales in growing a successful business.
  • The role of conversion in making or breaking a direct booking website’s performance.
  • Highlighting the misconception of having a traditional website for driving bookings.

Segment 2: The Elements of a High-Performing Sales Page

  • The importance of a dedicated sales page for each property.
  • The significance of a seamless booking process on the sales page.
  • Clear value propositions and location information above the fold.
  • The use of visual components, images, and videos to engage potential guests.
  • The power of a well-structured, concise layout with bullet points.
  • Encouraging live chat support to enhance customer interaction and conversion rates.

Segment 3: Social Proof and Testimonials

  • The importance of social proof in gaining trust from potential guests.
  • Displaying the number of guests who have stayed with you recently.
  • Utilizing positive reviews and testimonials as images or carousels on the sales page.
  • Bill’s direct booking optimization checklist for improving existing websites.


  • Bill emphasizes the importance of converting website visitors into paying guests.
  • Offers a free direct booking optimization checklist to help listeners improve their websites:
  • Encourages listeners to visit for the free checklist.

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