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You Need These 3 Skills to be a Great Cohost

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In this episode of “STR Unfiltered,” host Bill Faith delves into the essential skills required for successful co-hosting in the short-term rental industry. Bill outlines three crucial skills that every exceptional co-host needs:

Underwriting Properties: Co-hosts must excel at assessing the potential of a property. Bill emphasizes the importance of identifying underperforming properties and knowing how to elevate their revenue potential. He suggests offering your services for free initially to build trust and prove your abilities.

Marketing Expertise: Co-hosts need to be proficient in marketing. This includes mastering listing optimization, using platforms like Airbnb effectively, and understanding the value of Facebook ads, email marketing, and organic social media. Bill also mentions the significance of conversion rate optimization on sales pages.

Effective Pricing Strategy: Bill underscores the role of pricing strategy in increasing a property’s revenue. He advises against “set it and forget it” approaches and recommends actively monitoring and adjusting prices based on factors like lead time, pacing, and RevPAR.

Bill concludes that excelling in these three areas will set co-hosts on the path to success and making homeowners more money while saving them time.

Listeners are also encouraged to explore “MarketMySTR” for additional resources and support in mastering these skills.

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