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Working with a Wholesaler For Your Next Airbnb Investment with Jenni Vega

Join in the conversation as Jenni Vega takes us through the dynamic world of real estate wholesaling. In this engaging conversation, we unpack the role of a real estate wholesaler, and Jenni shares her firsthand experiences collaborating with them on a few recent purchases.

Discover the crucial questions to ask when evaluating a real estate wholesaler and unveil essential information every prospective buyer should arm themselves with before making a property purchase through a wholesaler.

Additionally, Jenni explores the best places to find reliable real estate wholesalers and highlights what wholesalers should know about their buyers.

Stay tuned for a wealth of knowledge and practical advice that will help you when you’re ready to make your next property purchase!

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[02:46] A short bio of our guest, Jenni Vega 

[03:23] How Jenni got into the short-term rental space  

[09:08] What is the work of a real estate wholesaler?

[09:27] Jenni’s experience working with a real estate wholesaler 

[16:57] Key questions for evaluating a real estate wholesaler

[26:25] Essential information every buyer should have before purchasing a property from a wholesaler

[32:19] Who pays the seller’s closing costs?

[33:47] Best places to find real estate wholesalers

[40:06] What should the wholesaler know about the buyer?

[42:09] The Lightning Round

[47:39] Best way to reach out to Jenni Vega

Golden Nuggets

  • Before you start working with a real estate wholesaler, find out whether they have ever canceled a contract and why. 
  • Wholesalers offer a great opportunity to real estate investors, as they provide the chance to acquire properties at prices significantly below market value. 
  • “Better to do it afraid than not do it at all.” 

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Resources Mentioned

1. Hold: How to Find, Buy, and Rent Houses for Wealth:


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