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Why Geographic Diversity is a Good Thing in Your STR Portfolio

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In this episode of the “STR Unfiltered” podcast, host Bill Faith discusses the importance of geographic diversification in short-term rental (STR) and real estate investments. Bill highlights several key reasons why investors should consider diversifying their property portfolios across different locations:

Mitigating Natural Disaster Risks: Bill shares personal experiences of how natural disasters, like hurricanes and wildfires, can impact rental properties. Geographic diversification reduces the risk of losing multiple properties in one area due to unforeseen events.

Revenue Diversification: Diversifying across various regions allows for multiple sources of rental income. This approach helps investors avoid over-reliance on a single market that may experience fluctuations in demand or regulatory challenges.

Risk Mitigation from Regulatory Changes: Bill advises considering the political climate and regulatory sentiment in potential investment areas. Investing in regions with established regulations can protect against sudden policy changes that could negatively affect rental properties.

Market Expansion: Diversifying geographically opens up a broader range of potential investment opportunities. Investors are not limited to a single local market and can explore nationwide options.

Bill emphasizes that diversification should be a part of the underwriting process when evaluating new investment opportunities. By considering income diversification, risk mitigation, and regulatory factors, investors can make informed decisions and protect their investments.

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