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What I use to run my SUPER PROPERTIES

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In the latest episode of STRUnfiltered, Bill delves into the strategies he employs to optimize his super properties, ensuring seamless operations across his multiple holdings. He highlights several indispensable tools that contribute to this success.

Bill opens the discussion by introducing OwnerRez, an instrumental platform for channel management. He couples this with Hospitable, a tool that facilitates automated guest messaging, thereby enabling swift and efficient communication. Notably, Bill emphasizes that prompt responses through Hospitable positively impact guest rankings. Another crucial asset in his arsenal is Rank Breeze, which significantly aids in refining listing optimization.

Perhaps the linchpin of Bill’s business is his cell phone. This device provides him with the versatility to oversee all his listings remotely, a cornerstone of his operational efficiency. Further, he delves into his in-home technology arsenal, spotlighting Schlegan locks that enhance front-door security. The deployment of Ring cameras bolsters safety across his properties. Bill’s endorsement of specific thermostat models underscores his attention to detail. He also underscores the convenience of the Pentair Pool App, which effectively manages his pools’ temperature regulation.

Bill then shares his reliance on STRInsights for identifying prime Super Property investment opportunities, given its comprehensive view of nationwide investments and ROI analysis. To optimize pricing, he employs Pricelabs for dynamic rate adjustments. Airdna aids him in understanding market trends based on occupancy rates.

The final stretch of tools includes MarketMySTR, a comprehensive marketing suite that integrates email marketing, text message campaigns, and live chat support, redefining Bill’s approach to promotional efforts. With STRVAS, Bill taps into a network of adept Virtual Assistants, alleviating routine tasks while adding value. Lastly, Google Trends serves as a strategic resource, enabling Bill to target guest origins and potential destinations effectively.

Through a combination of strategic tools and innovative approaches, Bill has honed his property management into a finely tuned operation, maximizing guest satisfaction and business success.

[00:00] Intro

[00:58] PMS: OwnerRez

[01:37] Hospitable

[02:00] Rank Breeze

[04:05] Everything From My Phone

[04:30] Schlage Locks

[05:00] Ring Cameras

[05:50] Thermostats

[06:35] Pentair Pool App

[07:00] Pool Heaters

[08:30] STR Insights

[10:00] Pricelabs

[10:27] MarketMySTR

[11:25] STRVAS

[13:00] Google Trends

[13:43] Recap



Rank Breeze



Ecobee thermostat

Pentair app

STR Insights




Google Trends

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