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What hotels and vacation rentals can learn from one another: Matthew Loney and Brian Hamaoui, The GuestX Podcast

Matthew and Brian are the hosts of the GuestX Podcast. Matthew is also the President and CEO of Xplorie, and Brian is the Founder & CEO at Allevo Homes.

I initially titled this episode Hotels vs. Short Term Rentals, but after we wrapped this episode, that us vs them sentiment didn’t seem to fit anymore. 

Both hotels and short term rentals are going through difficult times, and if both want to come out stronger on the other side, they should be looking to one another for learnings and support which ultimately helps our industry as a whole. 

More food for thought than actionable tactics, we try to uncover some of those challenges and look around the corners of the next few years to lend some space for what you may want to be thinking about to put your hotel or vacation rental business in the best position.

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