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Using Data To Increase Your Airbnb Revenue w/ Intellihost founder Jeff Brown

Join hosts Myka and Steve in an insightful conversation as they sit down with Jeff Brown, the brilliant founder of Intellihost, in this week’s episode. Jeff takes us on a captivating journey through his expertise in leveraging data-driven decisions to boost revenue for his clients.

In this episode, Jeff delves deep into the realm of A/B testing and shatters common Airbnb myths. Together, they explore intriguing topics such as whether new listings automatically rank higher, the significance of Airbnb Superhost status, and the impact of enabling instant book. Prepare to have your preconceptions challenged as they uncover the truth behind these prevalent beliefs.

But the exploration doesn’t stop there! Jeff shares his invaluable insights into the immense potential of themed units located near Disney attractions. Discover how these immersive experiences can create a competitive advantage and drive exceptional guest satisfaction.

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