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Unlocking the Power of Generosity: Debbie Todd’s Revolutionary Approach to Short-Term Rentals

Step into an exhilarating episode where Debbie Todd, the visionary owner of The Woodlands at Hocking Hills, takes us on an unforgettable journey behind her groundbreaking giveback program in the short-term rental space.

Learn what ignited Debbie’s desire to transform lives, from her very first endeavors to the careful selection of charities she passionately supports. You’ll discover her distinctive donation formula and get a front-row seat to the real-world impact her contributions have fostered.

Debbie also shares how she’s involving her guests in this charitable quest and making a real difference in people’s lives.

Ever thought about creating your own giveback initiative? Debbie’s advice and rich insights are a treasure trove, guaranteed to guide and inspire you in adding layers of purpose to your “Airbnb biz.”

Get ready for a dose of inspiration!

Key highlights in the episode

[02:04] A quick bio of our guest; Debbie Todd

[03:04] How she got started in short-term rentals 

[05:07 What inspired Debbie to start giving back to the community, and how did she select the charities she is donating to?

[06:57] The formula she uses to allocate the amount for donations

[13:29] How the donations are made to the charities

[15:04] How she involves the guests in the donation and their reaction to the giveback program 

[17:47] How Debbie engaged her community in giving back

[20:11] The amount of time she dedicates to the giveback program

[23:00] Debbie’s advice to anyone who would want to implement a giveback program within their STR business 

[27:40] The lightning round

[32:01] Get in touch with Debbie Todd



Golden Nuggets

  • “When you invest time and energy upfront, it pays off in dividends.” 
  • “Short-term rentals are not passive income.”

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