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Join Bill in this episode as he delves into the secrets of the top 1% of Airbnb earners during the off-season. Bill shares his own strategy for maximizing bookings and revenue at his properties, including his minimum night requirement and the innovative 3-2-1 method (three nights on weekends, two nights during the week, and a one-night gap night).

Discover how Bill taps into the psychology of those gap nights to enhance the guest experience. By offering bonus time at a discounted rate, he tests whether guests with a gap night between them would opt for earlier check-ins or later check-outs. He sends a thoughtful email to both guests, emphasizing the benefits and also highlighting the challenges of same-day turnovers for his cleaning crew. The result? An astonishing 40% increase in his portfolio with filling those previously vacant gap nights.

Bill’s approach isn’t just for those driving to the property; it’s especially effective for travelers flying into a location. Many guests yearn for an immediate sense of comfort and convenience, making the offer of extra time at a reduced cost all the more tempting.

In the competitive world of Airbnb hosting, Bill underscores the importance of diversifying your techniques to attract more guests, especially during the off-season. Filling those elusive gap dates is just the beginning of boosting your overall revenue. Tune in to learn how you can join the ranks of the top 1% of Airbnb earners with tips like these. Don’t miss out on this insider knowledge to level up your hosting game!

[00:00] Intro

[00:10] Gap Dates

[01:25] Lead Time

[02:28] Gap Nights

[03:30] Check In Check Out

[08:52] My Year

[10:35] Wrapping Up

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