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Trends, Challenges, and Future Predictions – Live In Person Episode

In the discussion, we explore the challenges faced by the short-term rental industry, the growing demand for professionalism, and the need for a level playing field with hotels. We also talk about the differences between various types of accommodations, the impact of regulations on the market, and make predictions for 2024. The conversation concludes with insights on the importance of collaboration among operators, the trend for domestic tourism and shorter trips, and anticipations for 2024, which may see a tide of caution and consolidation in the hospitality industry.

00:02 Introduction to Good Morning Hospitality

00:30 Special Offers from Sojo and TravelNet Solutions

01:25 Behind the Scenes: Recording in New York

02:36 Appreciation for New Listeners and Show Recap

03:00 Discussion on New York Regulations and Industry Trends

03:44 Debate on Short-Term Rentals vs Hotels

13:14 Predictions for the Future of the Hospitality Industry

19:50 Closing Remarks and Farewell

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