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Traveling While Black with Lawrence Phillips, Founder of Green Book Global

Lawrence Phillips embarked on a 30 country, 7-continent adventure around the world and noticed there was no consistent resource that could provide destination insights on racism. So, he built one.

#TravelingWhileBlack is more than a hashtag, it is a reality for many of us as we travel the world.

Historically Black Travelers have faced a number of issues and inconveniences while traveling, and as a result the Green Book was established in 1936 by Victor Hugo Green as a resource to help Black Travelers navigate the United States safely and without embarrassment during jim crow and segregation.

Our guest this week is Lawrence Phillips, Passionpreneur and Founder of Green Book Global, a travel review platform dedicated to inspiring and empowering Black travelers to confidently explore the world. It is akin to a Black “TripAdvisor” and is the first of its kind.

Lawrence is also a DEI Consultant and offers services to DMOs, hotels and travel organizations to help make a more equitable space for Black Travelers.

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