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Transformations & Tactics: Tony Robbins, Airbnb Updates, and the Rise of Multifamily

In this transformative episode, Myka & Steve take you on a journey through personal breakthroughs, market shifts, and the ever-evolving landscape of property rentals.

Life-Altering Insights: Myka opens up about the profound impact a Tony Robbins event had on his life, setting the stage for an episode dedicated to growth and adaptation.

❄️ Airbnb’s Winter Chill: Dive into Airbnb’s new winter release, which could mean more suspensions for listings. Listen to our take on the current state of hosts and guests, and the platform’s controversial review system.

🏙️ New Jersey’s Surge vs. New York’s Ban: With New York’s recent Airbnb ban, New Jersey sees an uptick in bookings. We analyze this shift and what it means for regional hosts.

🏠 Unfurnished Rental Opportunities: Learn how ALE’s preference for unfurnished rentals could be a hidden gem and how you can set up move-in fees to your advantage.

⚠️ Dallas Airbnb Ban Countdown: With the Dallas Airbnb ban looming, we discuss strategies and mindset adjustments for local hosts.

🛏️ Linen Logistics: Keeping up with linens is crucial for STR hosts – get tips on maintaining your inventory without losing your mind.

🔒 Security Over Surveillance: Why might a security system serve you better than a Ring camera? We discuss the benefits of going beyond basic surveillance.

🤝 Irving, TX STR Meetup: Share in the communal experience of our latest meetup, where hosts share their wins and losses, offering a candid look into the realities of STR hosting.

🚪 Revolutionizing Rentals: From renting by the room to the burgeoning power of multifamily real estate, we discuss innovative rental strategies that are changing the game.

🏘️ New Housing Policies in Sight: Examine the potential impact of the Biden-Harris administration’s housing policies, including low-cost financing and HUD funding for office-to-residential conversions.

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