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The Vacation Rental Technology Landscape | Andrew Kitchell

This episode of Slick Talk features Andrew Kitchell, Founder and CEO of Wheelhouse, discussing the evolving technology landscape in the vacation rental industry.

For his fifth appearance on the show, Kitchell and Wil Slickers delve into the significant growth of technological solutions aimed at improving property management. They highlight Wheelhouse and Operto’s creation of a comprehensive report mapping out the technology ecosystem, which consists of 21 categories of software serving the short-term rental space.

The conversation covers the importance of competition for innovation, the challenges of building a universally beloved software product, and the future of connectivity and AI in the industry.

Additionally, they discuss the notion of oversaturation versus the need for more innovation in technology categories like guidebooks and channel managers, emphasizing the opportunity for technologies that can truly delight users and transform operations.

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