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The tale of the lazy host that got #Airbnbust(ed)

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In this episode of STRUnfiltered, Bill dives deep into demystifying the hashtag #Airbnbust. He lays out the essential connection between sprucing up your property’s marketing and amenities and navigating through the winter season without a hitch.

Bill shares his practical approach to property evaluation and opens up about his strategy of letting go of well-performing properties to seize new investment opportunities. He emphasizes the need for a genuine market interest, underscoring that lukewarm excitement just won’t cut it when making investment decisions.

He raises a thought-provoking question about your financial preparedness to take the investment plunge. He’s brutally honest about properties that end up being money-draining sinkholes, emphasizing that it’s like having a hobby that sucks your bank account dry. Bill also lets you in on the savvy moves he made in Whitefish that paved the way for acquiring another property.

Bill is all about enhancing the guest experience. He shares practical tips, including the use of platforms like MarketMySTR—an all-in-one CRM that streamlines property marketing. And don’t miss his enthusiasm for the upcoming STR Wealth Conference—an event brimming with valuable insights, especially for those hungry for knowledge.

Tune in to this episode for a treasure trove of ideas on how to steer your property toward success even in a market that’s in the midst of a correction!

[00:00] Tale of the STR Investor

[01:40] #Airbnbust

[03:05] Super Property

[04:42] Audit Your Property

[07:04] Interest in Market

[08:00] Are You Financially Ready?

[12:00] Market Correcting Itself

[13:05] MarketMySTR

[14:45] Seeing You Succeed

[15:50] STR Wealth Conference

[16:58] Wrapping Up

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