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The Secrets of a Successful Partnership with Sarah Karakaian & Annette Grant

Welcome, and thanks for checking this week’s STR Sisterhood episode.

Partnerships are a catalyst for success both in business and in life. They combine unique strengths, perspectives, and expertise to create a harmonious synergy surpassing individual capabilities. However, partnerships are not without challenges. They require mutual trust, effective communication, and collaborative problem-solving to navigate the ups and downs.

Join Sarah Karakaian and Annette Grant in this exciting podcast episode as they share their incredible journey as partners. They dive into the intricacies of their thriving partnership and their ventures in the world of short-term rentals. Moreover, they discuss the exciting projects they undertake together and the invaluable lessons they’ve learned from working side by side.

Prepare to be inspired by their journey as they share their typical day, the key elements that make their partnership work, and the undeniable benefits of hiring a bookkeeper.

Tune in and discover the secrets of successful partnerships and the transformative power they hold.

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Timestamps for the key highlights in the episode

[02:52] Meet our guests; Sarah & Annette, and find out how they teamed up

[11:25] The projects that they do together 

[13:01] What does a typical day look like for Sarah and Annette?

[23:22] What makes their partnership work?

[34:59] Why you should hire a bookkeeper 

[35:44] The most valuable lesson they have learned from working together

[38:21] The lightning round

[44:08] The upcoming conference at Columbus, Ohio

[46:24] Grab the $100 Discount on the ticket (Code: Sister)


Golden Nuggets

  • Anyone should go into any project with the end in mind and how it does come to an end 
  • Partnerships aren’t going to be amazing the entire time
  • “Profits are better than wages.” 


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