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The Modern Travel Agency – Fora with Co-Founder Henley Vazquez

Are you looking for a travel agent to help plan your next vacation? Or do you absolutely love planning trips yourself?

No matter which side you fall on, Fora, “The Modern Travel Agency”, is here to help you. Anyone with a passion for travel can earn real money as a Fora travel agent, whether it’s as a side hustle, full-time job, or anywhere in between. Or if you’re looking for help with your next trip, Fora’s travel agents make it simple for you to travel like an insider, with amazing perks and recommendations that are backed by data.

Fora’s co-founder, Henley Vazquez, is here with me today to talk about how Fora is making it’s mark on the travel industry. During this episode, Henley and I talk about her journey to co-founding Fora, who would be a good fit to join Fora as a travel agent, trends that she sees for travel in 2023, what she considers 5-star service, how travel is being redefined, and more.

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