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The Airbnb Advantage: How Tamara Swager’s Corporate Background Fuels Her STR Success

In this episode, we’re sitting down with Tamara Goddard Swager, the founder of Swag Hospitality, where we delve into how Tamara has seamlessly leveraged her experiences inside the corporate inside her “Airbnb biz.” 

Discover the best practices for building a strong and effective team, along with the incentive programs Tamara has expertly crafted for her cleaning team and turnover manager, all designed to enhance the guest experience and improve her performance on Airbnb.

Tamara also offers valuable lessons on leadership, short-term rental operations, and the importance of continuous learning. Take a listen and tap into her wisdom!

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Timestamps for the key highlights in the episode

[02:29] Meet our guest, Tamara Swager  

[03:11] How Tamara got started in short-term rentals 

[05:46] How her corporate experience has impacted her short-term rental business 

[09:48] Best practices to help you build a strong team and manage it effectively

[14:53] Hostfully’s amazing deal for STR Sisterhood listeners:

[15:32] The incentive programs she has created for her cleaning team and turnover manager

[21:53] How Tamara learned to flex her leadership style in her W2 job

[29:22] How she integrates her flexible leadership style into her STR business and why it’s important

[32:13] Her experience with restructuring operations in her STR business

[38:42] Why we shouldn’t limit ourselves to learning only within the STR industry

[40:50] The Lightning Round

[53:10] Best way to connect and learn more from Tamara Swager


 Golden Nuggets

  • “Your brand isn’t what you think it is; your brand is what the audience thinks it is.” 
  • “We are CEOs of our own hospitality business.” 
  • “No one is irreplaceable.” 

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