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The #1 Way To Separate Yourself From Your Competitors

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In this episode of “STR Unfiltered” hosted by Bill Faith, listeners are encouraged to take two extra steps to stand out and excel in the short-term rental (STR) industry. Bill emphasizes that these extra efforts, while simple, require discipline, commitment, and self-drive, and they cost nothing.

Key Points:

The Importance of Going the Extra Mile: Bill shares his personal experiences in sports and business to underscore the significance of going beyond what’s expected. Successful athletes like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan put in extra hours and effort to achieve greatness.

Applying the Principle to STR: Bill urges STR hosts and investors to apply the same principle. Taking two extra steps can set you apart from competitors and maximize your revenue.

Examples of Extra Steps: Bill provides concrete examples, such as investing a bit more to enhance amenities, upgrading interior design, and sending personalized videos or emails to guests. These small efforts can significantly impact the guest experience.

The Power of Consistency: Bill emphasizes that consistency is key. It’s not about getting it perfect the first time; it’s about continuous improvement and learning from mistakes.

Achieving Excellence: Bill’s passion for helping others achieve success drives his message. He encourages listeners to push themselves to be overachievers and to strive for excellence.

Reach Out for Guidance: Bill offers to answer questions and provide guidance to listeners. He is dedicated to helping others in the industry succeed.

In conclusion, Bill Faith inspires listeners to take two extra steps daily in their STR business, demonstrating that with commitment and effort, anyone can achieve excellence in the industry.

For questions or further assistance, listeners can contact Bill on Instagram at @billfaith73.

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