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The #1 Marketing Tool You Need in Your STR Toolkit

This episode is Sponsored by the STR Industries #1 marketing platform.

In this episode of “STR Unfiltered,” host Bill Faith, a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive business experience, discusses a crucial skill for STR hosts and investors: marketing. Bill emphasizes the importance of mastering marketing to succeed in the short-term rental industry and provides a powerful marketing tool.

Key Points:

Business Acumen: Bill brings his 29 years of entrepreneurship, including 29 startups and 18 exits, to the world of short-term rentals. He believes that having business experience is vital for success in the industry.

Marketing Is Key: Bill highlights marketing as the most critical skill for hosts and investors. To stand out in a competitive market, it’s essential to excel in marketing strategies.

Avoiding Average: Bill asserts that average hosts are struggling in today’s saturated markets. To thrive, hosts must upgrade their properties and focus on effective marketing.

The Secret Tool: Bill reveals an advanced marketing technique—a “lookalike audience” on Facebook. He explains that by uploading an email list of previous guests, Facebook can create a custom audience and then find similar individuals with uncanny accuracy.

Effective Targeting: Bill advises keeping the lookalike audience narrow, ensuring that it closely matches your ideal guests. This precision in targeting is key to success.

Qualified Traffic: While creative content and a compelling call to action are crucial, it all begins with qualified traffic, which the lookalike audience provides.

Bill encourages hosts to incorporate this powerful marketing tool into their toolkit and welcomes feedback on its effectiveness.

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