Technology Driven Hospitality with John Banczak

Starting our 3rd season out strong with John Banczak, Chief Strategy Officer at Vacasa with what we think is the first podcast anyone has done since their IPO!

Airlines, Distribution, Bed & Breakfasts, HomeAway Software, Hotels, Investment, and Property Management… what do all of these have in common? The answer is JB.

In April 2021 Vacasa acquired John’s company TurnKey Vacation Rentals, which was operating in more than 80 destinations across the U.S.

Vacasa started with just 8 doors and has now grown to over 37,000 worldwide, with John who was recently promoted to Chief Stagey Officer helping to lead the charge!

Some of the many questions we dive into in this episode:

  • What about the Vacasa brand does the industry get wrong or misunderstand?
  • Vacasa’s acquisition game is strong and you’re snagging up some pretty amazing established brands in key markets… why are so many property managers entertaining and following through with getting acquired by Vacasa?
  • Would you be willing to address Steve Milo calling Vacasa (and Sonder) out in social media articles?

You don’t want to miss this episode!

A special thanks to John for coming onto our show and giving us access to an amazing conversation!

…and if you didn’t know, “the no BS podcast is one of the five regular podcasts I listen to” – John Banczak

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