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Tech Meets Hospitality: A Deep Dive with iGMS Founder Igor on Revolutionizing STR Management

In this compelling episode of “Live Let Thrive,” Myka and Steve sit down with Igor, the tech-savvy founder of iGMS, who shares his journey from developing apps to identifying and seizing opportunities in the bustling world of short-term rentals (STR).

Inside the Toolbox: Discover how iGMS, born out of a desire to streamline Airbnb management, has grown into a comprehensive suite of tools for STR hosts, prioritizing user experience and exceptional customer support.

App-tastic Insights: Yes, iGMS is keeping pace with the mobile world, offering applications on both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring you have the power to manage on the move.

Clean Sweep: Incorporating cleaners into your workflow is a breeze with iGMS, but it doesn’t stop there. Igor discusses the platform’s integrations with services like Turnoverbnb and Safely, and teases upcoming features like crypto payments and seamless transitions to new property management platforms (PMPs).

The Bigger Picture: In an industry where communication, pricing, and turnovers are crucial, iGMS stands out by offering direct booking websites and utilizing AI to personalize and cater to each unique business.

Safety First: Addressing the ever-present worry of chargebacks, iGMS partners with Stripe to provide robust fraud protection.

Adapting to Change: Igor opens up about the learning curves shaped by regulations, emphasizing the platform’s adaptability—urging users to pivot when necessary, considering midterm or long-term rental strategies.

Global Perspectives: With STR’s global growth, iGMS views regulations as a means to stabilize rather than hinder expansion, despite the challenges faced by cities like Toronto.

Google and the Future: As Google ventures into vacation rentals, Igor advises hosts to focus on building their brands, endorsing industry experts like Boostly and Mark Simpson.

Hospitality’s Tug of War: Discuss the subtle shift in market share from hotels to STRs post-COVID, the convenience of hotel-based events, and the potential for Airbnb to introduce a travel loyalty program.

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