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Storytelling as a Sales Strategy, with Regitse Rosenvinge and Isabella Owen

So, what’s your story?  In this episode I am joined by Regitse Rosenvinge of Room22.Agency and Isabella Owen of Owen Consulting who share their hospitality stories and marketing solutions with us. Both women specialize in helping hotels find their unique stories, as well as teach them how to infuse their stories into marketing and daily operations in an effort to attract, and retain, customers. Whether a person, a place or an object, there’s a story waiting to be told and an audience waiting to hear it. If you don’t know it, or know how to tell it, this episode is for you!

Regitse Rosenvinge is a passionate hospitality professional with more than 10 years of experience in the field, and founder of Room22.Agency, a content and branding agency specializing in independent hotels and restaurants. She’s the Author of the e-book “Storytelling for Hotels” as well as the hotel- and hospitality blog, This year, she was named one of the world’s leading hospitality influencers.

Isabella Owen founded Owen Consulting in Frankfurt in 2017 after 15 years in leading Sales & Marketing jobs. As a specialist for the Asian market and inspiring management consultant focusing on Strategic Consulting and Sales & Marketing, she provides forward-looking incentive for hotels and businesses of all sizes. Her success lies in professionalism, passion and dedication, as well as devoutness for her work and brilliant knowledge of Sales & Marketing – most notably in the hospitality sector.

As a Taiwanese-born German, she unifies the characteristics of both worlds in her work ethic: German efficiency paired with Asian business sense and the essence of true hospitality. Her forward-thinking nature, constant search for new solutions and sure feeling for trends of the future contribute to her enthusiasm and are an expression of her loyalty.

Her motto: Everyone who takes on responsibility needs conviction, passion and enthusiasm to drive and inspire them.

Isabella Owen lives in Frankfurt, Germany with her husband and two children. She is currently advising numerous medium-sized businesses and hotels across Europe and Asia.