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Small things that move the needle for guests

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Welcome back to STRUnfiltered! In this episode, Bill dives into the power of small gestures that can significantly enhance guests’ experiences and how embracing basic hospitality is essential for success in the short-term rental industry. He shares insightful tips on the starter pack of amenities he provides, emphasizing how every detail matters in creating a remarkable stay.

One of his best examples is leaving extra phone chargers as they’re the number one thing people forget at home. Additionally, setting water bottles on the bedside table caters to guests’ late-night thirst needs, leaving a lasting impression of care and thoughtfulness.

However, it’s not just about offering these amenities; it’s equally crucial to showcase and market them effectively to guests. These little touches throughout the house can make a substantial impact, yet the true essence of hospitality provided by the host often goes unnoticed. Demonstrating genuine care for each aspect of your guests’ stay will undoubtedly lead to a glowing five-star review for your STR.

So, remember to pay attention to the small things and ensure that your guests feel valued and well-cared for. These seemingly minor gestures can make a world of difference in their overall experience, setting your STR apart and ensuring success in this competitive industry.

[00:00] Introduction

[00:27] Invest in Amenities

[04:20] Starter Pack

[05:30] Showcasing Amenities

[07:40] Pillows

[08:35] Basic Hospitality

[09:00] Wrapping Up

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