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Should We Simplify Leadership In Hospitality?

Why is leadership such a difficult concept to grasp for some? Is it the apparent technicality of the subject? Or when people are faced with the potential responsibility of leadership? Or is it simply that some are not natural-born leaders?

Well, it isn’t the last point. Leaders are well and truly made and not born with the skills needed to bring a team from where they are to where they need to be. I have recently been thinking about whether it is a simple case of how we communicate how and what leadership is. Is the language we use putting people off engaging and understanding what it means to lead and be led by someone else? A simple search of mission vision and values will show that somewhere on that Google results page, there are likely multiple pages about the difference between mission and vision – and that is the fundamental element of leadership. This highlights the problem in the first place.

As a result, I am renewing my purpose around what I do. What problem do I wish to solve? That renewed purpose is around simplifying leadership in our coffee shops and the wider hospitality industry. I want to make leadership something that is accessible and relatable to people at the lowest levels of our businesses and allow them to be inspired by the rewarding work that comes with leading people to be better than they were yesterday, to provide the driving force behind organisational grown and ultimately achieving our goals.

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