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Sharing The Journey with Jesse DePinto

Jesse is a growth-oriented serial entrepreneur with a passion for Product, UX, and Technology. Jesse is the Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of Frontdesk, a leading tech-enabled urban short-term rental brand. Today, Frontdesk operates in 35 cities with over 250 talented employees. Jesse is a champion for all-things growth at Frontdesk, which includes leading the technology, sales, and marketing teams, while also nurturing key strategic relationships for the company. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UW-Milwaukee.

Jesse is a proud husband and father of three boys, and a complete nerd at heart.

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In this episode, we explore:

03:20 – Guest Background

06:57 – Technology and automation is the key to solve complex operations

08:16 – Creating guest experience during Covid

10:24 – Challenges in the business

18:04 – Finding a great leader

19:28 – Managing the internal culture

24:27 – Not all things need to be automated

27:34 – Celebrating victories as the founder

31:39 – The biggest impact of Covid

33:58 – Hiring Skillsets vs Mindsets

41:32 – Scaling a large network of professionally managed tech-enabled apartments

43:02 – Managing the quality

48:23 – Connect with the guest

Connecting with the Guest:






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