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Selfluence – The Art and Science of Influencing Yourself with Chief Results Officer Blaine Oelkers

It’s a new year, and time to build that to-do list of goals and objectives for this quarter and for all of 2023. We’re speaking with Blaine Oelkers, America’s only Chief Results Officer® and author of several books on results and getting things done.

Blaine knows which habits bring success and results, how to help you create them instantly, and how to stick with them for a lifetime.

This episode is all about mindset and a concept that Blaines developed called Selfluence – The art and science of influencing yourself.

Imagine getting an hour’s worth of tasks completed in just 30 minutes? Or creating new habits in 21 seconds rather than 21 days? We reveal how to do just that!

Many of us feel overwhelmed in this always-on world, like there’s never enough time for it all. The answer isn’t to run faster. It’s to work smarter and get results, taking control of your life by taking control of yourself.

In this episode, we discussed:

– When there are limitless choices and limitless opportunities for us to pare down and think about the essentials, how do you do it?

– What is the white table principle?

– What are some methods of flipping your mindset quickly?

– Using the “Yeah, But” principle.

– Strategies to cracking self-limiting beliefs.

– How to take a mindset shift into practical action and bring about new results.

– How to create new habits in 21 seconds, not 21 days.

– Is there a role for external accountability in Selfluence?

– What is the golden win ratio, and why are failures more instructive than the wins?

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