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Rent Responsibly & The Key to a Successful Industry

Fair and reasonable rules around short-term rentals are not only possible but essential for hosts, managers, and our communities.

Rent Responsibly helps short-term rental groups and their cities create the balance that actually works for a sustainable future for all.

Taking advantage of the free time at hand, David Krauss and myself sat down to discuss what it really takes to create a sustainable industry for all stakeholders involved in short term rentals and hospitality. We discuss his origin and roles prior to forming Rent Responsibly all the way to what action it takes in order to protect the assets and segment of hospitality we all know and love… the true key to protect the STR world is that it takes EVERYONE to be involved. 

Play your part by taking this quick survey (literally only takes 4 minutes and 59 seconds out of your day and trust me, we all have the time) and help us better the future of short term rentals for ourselves and the next runners up to join the community. 

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