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Regulatory 911 – From Nothing To Ridiculous part 1

In this special Regulatory 911 episode, we sit with 5 amazing guests representing Unincorporated Clatsup Couty Oregon, Atlanta Georga, Marco Island Florida, and Steamboat Springs Colorado to discuss the ongoing problems they are facing regarding short-term rentals in their municipalities.

Vacation Rental operators Brian Olsen, Marie Gwyider-Moore, Rich Munroe, Mark Morze, and recently exited operator Sarah Bradford bring a wealth of knowledge to this conversation.

Rules are changing by whims and the hard hand of government and our guests talk about what it’s like on the front lines.

Data is the name of the game and how we interact with our elected officials (the dance) plays a huge role in our success.

If you have the means to help reach out (links on our website) as they’re trying to help pave the path for the industry to flourish. From proposals that are being voted on to how you can help bring change to your area… it all get’s discussed

part 2 drops tomorrow.

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