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Real Estate Rundown: Navigating Long-Term Rentals and Salon Suite Adventures

Myka and Steve dive into a world of real estate adventures and challenges. They start by sharing their latest venture in Salon Suites and the unexpected surprise one guest left behind. Learn from their rookie mistake of accepting a local guest and how it led to a 1-star review due to guests not reading house rules.

Plumbing problems? Shitty pipes? They’ve got you covered with insights on dealing with long-term rental issues like these, along with tips on finding the right Section 8 tenant and handling bad contractors. Discover why house insurance rates are soaring and how to navigate this challenge.

Join them as they discuss setting up salon suites, the art of transferring furniture to a new unit or selling it, and the nuances of negotiating arbitrage leases. Plus, get expert advice on vetting co-host clients and selecting the ideal business partner.

Is the allure of summer-time rental income worth the potential headaches? Tune in to gain valuable insights and real-world experiences from Myka and Steve as they navigate the ever-changing landscape of real estate investing. Don’t miss this episode packed with actionable tips for thriving in the rental property business!

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