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Quick Take – Elevate the Real Estate Syndication with Multifamily Investor Kent Ritter

Quick Take – (Full Episode – #57 – Link Below to Full Episode)

This week, we welcome Kent Ritter, CEO of Hudson Investing, to The Real Estate Law Podcast to discuss real estate syndication deals and why he’s so passionate about helping others find their pathways toward financial independence.

If you’ve heard other podcasts where people discuss real estate syndication, or you’ve been to real estate meetups with investors looking to raise capital, and always wondered about the inner working of those deals, this episode is a great starting point.

Kent is a multifamily investor, the founder of the Indianapolis Multifamily Investor Meetup, and the host of the Ritter on Real Estate podcast, a weekly show featuring market insights and how to passively invest like a pro.

His investment strategy focuses on a pretty specific niche, like 50 to 200 unit properties within the Midwest where he can add some value.

Kent is on a mission to empower others to take control of their financial futures while making a positive social impact by providing modern, affordable housing to America’s workforce.

We shared some war stories with our past lives on the road in corporate America – hear how both Kent and Jason made their ways out of that grind and into pathways toward real estate investing and financial freedom.

Things we discussed in this episode:

– Midwestern hospitality and how demeanor differs from that of Northeasterners

– Why he decided to launch his own podcast and what that has taught him

– Kent’s pivot away from a career on the road as a management consultant

– Starting as a passive investor from 2015-2019 in other peoples’ deals

– Transitioning from being an investor in syndication deals, to becoming the one raising the capital for his own deals

– Why Kent believes that excellent communication with investors is critical

– How much time an investor can expect to have capital invested in a deal

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