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Purpose, Intention and Impact with Dorita Hatchett, M.B.A.

Niki and Robin chat with Dorita Hatchett, M.B.A. of Hatchett & Associates LLC.  Dorita’s superpower is helping entrepreneurs get things done. She has a “Strategy First” philosophy and framework for working with clients and is passionate about helping Start Ups or persons with entrepreneurial endeavors flesh out their visions to take their project to the next level. She works with companies of all sizes but is most proud to have provided Community Outreach and Public Engagement for the $94B METROrail, managed the Parking and Transportation plan for Super Bowl 51 and was the point coordinator for the AKA Boulle in Houston, Texas to plan the opening night for over 10,000 attendees! She now works with coaches, trainers, consultants and online content creators who want to develop and launch their business or BIG idea online so they can make a huge impact on those they serve while earning income.
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