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Part 2: How I Built My 7-Figure Short-Term Rental Business (And How You Can, Too!) with Stacey St. John

Welcome back to Part 2 of this two-part training series.

In this episode, we’ll be continuing our deep dive into the world of how I built my 7-figure short-term rental business – and how you can, too!

We’ll be discussing the key priorities that were critical to my own success and what elements I recommend you include as you create your very own blueprint for success in your “Airbnb biz.” 

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your existing short-term rental business to the next level, this episode is for you! So, let’s get started on building a rock-solid foundation for YOUR success.

Time to dive in!

Timestamps for the key highlights in the episode

[00:48] Episode introduction

[04:14] My Key priorities when building my STR success blueprint

[06:10] The importance of having documented buying criteria 

[08:20] #2 Partnering with good people

[10:52] #3 Buy low and sell high

[12:12] Building wealth with 1031 exchanges

[16:37] #4 Build multiple streams of income and be able to work part-time 

[18:34] My property management and co-hosting business; Kozy Getaways

[20:41] 7 Key elements you should include when building your own STR success roadmap     

[20:49] #1 The vision for your business

[22:17] #2 SMART goals for your future

[24:25] How to build a daily relationship with your goals

[26:56] #3 Resources you need to achieve your goals 

[28:05] #4 How to outsource the resources you don’t have

[29:11] #5 Prioritization of your resources 

[29:46] #6 Source of accountability and support

[31:29] #7 Action plans 

[33:43] Why you should give yourself grace and flexibility

[34:33] The importance of documenting time in your calendar for reflection

[34:57] Get Free support in building your STR success blueprint;

[36:13] Final words and episode wrap-up/ 


Golden Nuggets

  • Our blueprints for success in the STR business are as unique and gorgeous as each of us is.   
  • If you are thinking about launching a property management or co-hosting business, you must understand and abide by your state’s regulations. 
  • If you don’t document what you want, it’s hard to achieve it. You need to have a target and a plan on paper. 
  • “Just because you need certain skills doesn’t mean they have to come from you.”
  • “Done is better than perfect.”  

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Resources Mentioned

1.      The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth About Extraordinary Results:

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