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Pack Light, Travel Right: Navigating Airport Passes, Hotel Innovations, and TSA Tips

Sarah Dandashy & Steve Turk are back with more industry related news and topics for our Hotel Crew edition of Good Morning Hospitality!

Tune into this week’s episode for a suitcase full of travel tips and industry insights. Discover Kimpton Hotels’ latest collaboration with Anthropologie that’s part of their “Forgot It? We Got It!” program, which lends stylish accessories to guests. We’ll also touch on how U.S. airports are making farewells a bit sweeter with new non-traveler passes.

Plus, we decode the TSA’s “What Can I Bring?” tool with some surprising items that are clear for takeoff. Wrap up with hospitality stories, a quote from Bill Kimpton, and an invite to stay ahead in the hospitality game with the GMC Report. Subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts or Spotify to never miss an episode!

Time Stamps:

00:00 Introduction and Welcome

00:43 Behind the Scenes: Recording Challenges

01:36 Podcast Goals and Consistency

02:28 Exciting New Partnership: Kempton and Anthropology

03:21 The Future of Retail in Hotels

07:42 The Slow Pace of Hiring in U.S. Hotels

08:29 The Changing Needs of Hotel Employees

13:36 Non-Travelers Beyond TSA Security

16:46 Weirdest Things Acceptable to Bring on a Plane

21:43 Real Time Recaps: Recent Hotel Experiences

26:58 Hospitality Quote of the Day

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