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Opinion on Interior Designers

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In the latest episode of STRUnfiltered, Bill shares invaluable insights on choosing the perfect Interior Designer for your project. Building a strong relationship with your designer is key, and asking the right questions during the vetting process is crucial.

Discovering the right fit involves the fundamental truth: Do you trust this person? Will they bring your vision to life, delivering a product that excites you? Remember, a well-designed space can transform your property from ordinary to extraordinary, and though it may come at a cost, it’s worth every penny.

Before diving into any partnership, define what you desire from this relationship. Each collaboration is unique, and clear expectations pave the way for success.

While most designers have good intentions, it’s essential to be cautious. Some big-time designers might exploit legalities, potentially leading to troublesome situations. Protect yourself and your property by laying out terms and conditions explicitly, avoiding unnecessary complexities that could cause trouble down the line.

Join us in this eye-opening episode as we unravel the secrets of finding the ideal Interior Designer. Remember, a well-chosen designer can turn your property into a masterpiece, elevating its value and leaving a lasting impression on every guest.

[00:00] Introduction

[00:45] Minoan

[01:30] Details Details Details

[03:10] Back to Minoan

[08:08] Questions to Ask

[08:52] Do You Trust Them?

[10:15] Wrapping Up

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