Opening The Career Door, with Emily Goldfischer and Nancy Mendelson of hertelier

In the early days of my career I always heard people say, “find a mentor”. I never thought that it applied to me. Who would support me when I expressed interest in advancing my career? Who would have time to mentor ME? How do I find a mentor or sponsor? How do I ask?

In an article in themuse by Jo Miller, she outlines six steps you can take to attract the attention of an influential sponsor and states, “you don’t get to choose the sponsor; the sponsor almost always chooses you”.

This week on Don’t Look Under The Bed I chat with Emily Goldfischer, hertelier founder/Editor-In-Chief and Nancy Mendelson, hertelier Columnist, Best Mentor and Advisor about mentorship, sponsorship and the many resources now available to women in hospitality as they pursue leadership roles.

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