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Normalizing Black Wealth with Certified Financial Planner Jacqueline Schadeck

We have an amazing guest – Jacqueline Schadeck, a Certified Financial Planner from Atlanta.

Fresh off of having hosted Black Equity Con in Miami, which featured 3,000 attendees, 50 Speakers, and 40 Breakout Sessions about entrepreneurship and financial growth, Jacqueline is host of the show Melanin Money.

She’s building a community of investors. She’s all into education, and getting people financially free and on the right path, especially people of color.

The net worth for the black community is set to be zero by the year 2053, a statistic discovered pre-pandemic. Her mission is to help people build their first million dollars of net worth, and create $100 million of new black net worth over the next 10 years.

After witnessing her family fall victim to poor financial advice, losing an inheritance worth over $1 million after receiving poor financial advice, Jacqueline set out to be the go-to person for financial guidance.

Things we discussed in this episode:

– What motivated Jacqueline to become a financial professional

– The importance of a financial team – CPA, CFP, and attorney

– When should somebody seek out and hire a financial professional?

– The origins of Melanin Money

– Are smart investors lucky or just better prepared?

– Jacqueline’s free resources and paid courses, including her new offering to people interested in becoming successful digital financial advisors

Fun fact – Jacqueline did Toastmasters when she first started out in an effort to overcome her natural introvertedness (Author’s Note: it sure seems to have worked!)

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