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Negotiate with Confidence and Empathy with Real Estate Coach Eirik Davey-Gislason

We are talking all about negotiation tactics with Eirik Davey-Gislason, a Negotiation Expert, Instructor, Coach, and Real Estate Professional out of New York City.

Eirik’s expertise and experience in collaborative negotiation, deal management, and conflict resolution, as well as his industry knowledge and reputation as both a Sales Director and Agent, have earned Eirik a unique and valuable perspective, skill set and resume. 

As a writer and author of the real estate blogs, Unreal Estate and Growing the Pie, Eirik educates the industry and public on various aspects of negotiation best practices and the real estate market. He has been featured and quoted in articles in The New York Times, Curbed and Brick Underground.

The most dangerous negotiation is the one that you don’t know that you’re in!

Learn how to negotiate with confidence and empathy during this episode.

In this episode, we discussed:

– What questions should you ask during a negotiation?

– What points can be negotiated during a real estate transaction?

– The importance of levity and personality when making personal connections.

– Understanding value proposition, persuasion, and empathy.

– Why it’s important to be ceaselessly curious during a negotiation.

– Asking open-ended versus closed-ended questions.

– Using hypothetical and speculative questions to your advantage.

– Finding your way to the Zone of Possible Agreement.

– What is the Contrast Principle and how should you use it?

– When (and when not) to use email and text messages during a negotiation.

– Using the uniqueness principle and the scarcity principle. 

Fun fact – and we verified this – according to Eirik’s LinkedIn, he won World’s Best Dad in 7 of 10 years from 2012-2021 (2016, 2018, and 2021 must have been off years for him!)

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Join Jason Muth from Straightforward Short-Term Rentals and Attorney / Broker Rory Gill of NextHome Titletown and UrbanVillage Legal in Boston, Massachusetts for another episode of The Real Estate Law Podcast!

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