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Maximizing Your Airbnb’s Potential Through Technology with Margot Schmorak

Are you ready to supercharge your Airbnb and short-term rental business? Dive deep into the world of “tech stacks” and discover why they are THE game-changer for short-term rental entrepreneurs like you!

Join me as I sit down with Margot Schmorak, the empowering CEO and co-founder of Hostfully. With her extensive knowledge, Margot sheds light on the essentials of a tech stack tailored to the short-term rental market, helping you navigate and conquer challenges.

We unveil the power of tech stacks – what are they and why are they your Airbnb’s ultimate success toolkit. We also chat it up about what your short-term rental tech stack should include, how to overcome the challenges of setting up your tech stack, and how to safeguard your business from cyber threats.

Get ready to expand your knowledge – tune in and enjoy!

Key highlights in the episode

[02:35] Margot Schmorak’s bio 

[03:15] What was Margot doing before co-founding Hostfully, and what was the impetus behind starting it?

[05:47] When was the Hostfully founded?

[06:17] How Margot’s life has changed as a result of her company

[07:23] What is a tech stack, and why is it important for someone to have it in their business?

[09:59] The most important basic components of a tech stack 

[10:26] #1 Property Management Software (PMS)

[13:14] #2 Pricing management

[15:44] #3 Operations management tools such as a guidebook and a self-service platform

[17:36] #4 Turnover management software

[18:40] The secondary components of a tech stack 

[20:37] The importance of insurance and protection in a tech stack

[22:53] What to look for when outsourcing a property management software company

[26:18] How to navigate challenges when setting up a tech stack

[29:55] Cyber security for short-term rentals

[33:35] The lightning round

[39:28] Best place to connect with Margot Schmorak 



Golden Nuggets

  • The primary value proposition of Property Management Software (PMS) is to ensure the smooth management of your bookings. 
  • Just like one bad review can put your company out of business, a bad experience with a guest can do that too. Therefore, it’s crucial to have insurance that provides you with both financial and time cushions.
  • No one is living your life except you, and you are the one who knows the best answer for yourself. So, don’t worry about what others think you should be doing. Make your decisions based on what you believe is best for you because nobody else has the full context of your life. 

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Resources Mentioned

1. PriceLabs: 

2. Wheelhouse:

3. Beyond Pricing:

4. Safely:


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