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Leveraging Social Media to Achieve Real Estate Success with Real Estate Investor Grant Warrington

Today we are joined by Grant Warrington, a successful real estate investor based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Through his consistent content creation and educational videos, Grant has helped countless others achieve their real estate goals. We are excited to learn about Grant’s journey from single-family homes to apartment investing and how he leverages social media to share his expertise.

Grant shares how consistently creating educational content on Instagram and BiggerPockets led to opportunities like interviewing Grant Cardone. Listeners learn about the benefits of scaling up to apartments, like economies of scale and passive income. Grant also discusses challenges like transitioning tenants used to low rents.

We emphasize finding mentors to help reach your goals as Grant did. We also discuss leveraging the tax code to your advantage and treating tenants respectfully.

Things we discussed in this episode:

– Grant’s journey from single-family homes to apartment investing

– His use of social media and content creation to gain opportunities

– Benefits of scaling up to apartment investing like economies of scale

– Transitioning tenants to higher rents when improving older buildings

– Finding mentors to help achieve investing goals

– Leveraging the tax code advantages for real estate investors 

– Being a good landlord and treating tenants respectfully

– Grant’s experience meeting Grant Cardone

– The importance of coaches, mentors, and investing in yourself

– Grant’s Apartment Buying Blueprint course

Get in touch with Grant:

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This podcast and these show notes are not legal advice, but we hope you find both entertaining and informative.


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