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Leading With Trust with Chris Maughan

We’ve been wanting to get today’s guest on for over a year now and finally, the stars align, and Chris Maughan CEO & Founder of I-PRAC joins us on the pod.

As a young lad, Chris got his start in health spa management. A trip to Canes to explore the possibility of expanding that business for the company he worked for exposed him to entrepreneurial excitement and endless possibilities. As the business trip came to an end, Chis didn’t want to move back up north and at just 25 years he went all in on figuring out this short-term rental game.

His short-term rental property management company made some bold moves early on to gain traction and these early efforts paid off. The mantra of if you can’t get in the front door, go around back resonates with Chis.

His learnings from property and event management to some of the biggest companies in the world (MTV, Google, Disney…) exposed that business is won by trust and reputation and not necessarily product. This is where I-PRAC comes in.

Keeping clients through service has never been more important in the vacation rental industry and certifying your inventory through his I-PRAC removes uncertainty.

I-PRAC is now in 28 different countries and is the industry’s only trust accreditation. A lot of amazing brand nuggets here to digest in this episode.

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