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Know Your Numbers – Joe Cambertato – Funded $2 Billion in financing

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Bill welcomes Joe, the founder of National Business Capital, to the podcast.

Joe’s extensive experience in helping business owners access capital is discussed.

Key Takeaways:

Diverse Lending Platform: Joe’s company, National Business Capital, offers a wide range of lending products, from SBA loans to equipment financing, asset-based lending, and more. They help business owners access capital based on their unique needs.

Challenges in Obtaining Financing: Obtaining financing for real estate or business acquisitions can be challenging for small business owners. Banks often require audited financials and collateral, which many entrepreneurs lack.

Collateral Matters: Collateral coverage goes beyond real estate and includes assets like receivables, inventory, and heavy machinery. Without sufficient collateral, it’s challenging to secure loans from traditional banks.

Planning for Growth: Entrepreneurs should plan their growth carefully and seek financing before they deplete their cash flow. Joe emphasizes the importance of understanding when and how to secure financing for sustainable growth.

Alternative Lenders: As banks tighten their lending criteria, alternative non-bank lenders like National Business Capital become essential resources for business owners seeking capital.

Quality of Receivables: B2B receivables are highly valuable collateral and can significantly impact a business’s bankability. Having large, reputable clients can make a difference when seeking financing.

Equipment Financing: Using financing for equipment purchases can preserve cash flow and provide additional working capital for business growth.

Navigating Economic Uncertainty: In uncertain economic times, entrepreneurs should focus on opportunities, stack profits, and make strategic decisions. Accessing capital to capitalize on opportunities can be crucial.

Stacking Profits: Building up profits during favorable periods can provide a financial cushion during economic downturns.

Stay Informed: Staying informed about economic conditions, interest rates, and market trends is essential for making informed financial decisions.


Bill and Joe emphasize the importance of careful financial planning, understanding lending options, and taking advantage of opportunities in both stable and challenging economic environments. Joe’s expertise in business financing is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs.

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