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Jose Cornejo – Super Cohost

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On this week’s episode of STRUnfiltered, Bill welcomes a special guest and friend, Jose Cornejo. Jose, the founder-owner and operator of Cornejo Rentals, is not only a Member of BSTRW Mastermind and a Cohost but has also achieved real estate financial freedom by leaving his marketing job. They discuss the power of small details in transforming a regular property into an exceptional one. Jose shares his journey and how important relationships are in the market you STR in. If you’re looking to leave your day job, Jose serves as a perfect mentor and role model for achieving such a feat.

[00:00] Introducing Jose Cornejo

[01:20] Jose Cornjeo in the OBX

[02:52] Two Crockpots

[04:04] Cornejo Property

[07:20] Jose’s Journey

[10:30] Building a Good Relationship

[13:10] Planning Desired Outcome

[15:33] The Crew of Three

[18:45] Stopping the 9-5

[21:14] The Importance of Marketing

[27:12] New Cohosting Client

[30:00] Closing Remarks

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