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It’s Our Generation’s Turn To Utilize What’s Right In Front Of Us

Chloe Cohen is the CEO of BRIQ, a Real Estate Investor, and the Founder of Real Deals by Chloe. She is an empathy-driven entrepreneur focused on helping others self-empower by approaching life from a balanced perspective-mind, body, and soul. She is a real estate investor and prop-tech advisor at BRIQ, a tech-focused Real Estate Estate Marketing Agency, in New York City.

Join us today to learn more about how to utilize what’s right in front of us with Chloe Cohen.

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In this episode, we explore:

02:18 – Chloe’s Background

04:55 – Best software or technology

07:55 – Different periods that we go through

09:08 – Niche Marketing

10:01 – Overabundance of staff

15:50 – Is there a universal technology?

20:18 – Flexible Living

22:13 – Variation of Personality types

26:37 –  How will we know if it’s scalable?

33:12 – Knowing which route to take in investing

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