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It’s No Longer Just A “Room” with Richard Valtr, Founder of Mews

The Founder of Mews, Richard Valtr, is a hotelier with a serious passion for technology and service. His mission is to transform an entire industry with cloud solutions that make hospitality more rewarding for everyone.

This episode is a deep dive into his thoughts and opinions on how the hotel industry (hospitality) built products (tech) the wrong way that does a disservice to our guests and industry, the Original Sin as Richard likes to call it, we’ve looked at it all wrong.

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In this episode, we explore:

03:27 – Richard Valtr Background

10:20 – Giving Value Added Services to Your Guests

17:40 – Knowing the Right Guest That Will Match Your Property

20:27 – The Original Sin of Hospitality

22:43 – The Creation of Mews

31:34 – Add on Services We Can Offer to the Guests

39:59 – Revenue Per Guest

42:25 – Making Sure to Meet the Guests Satisfaction

46:41 – Challenges In the Hospitality Industry

54:41 – Mews In The Next Few Years

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