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Ignacio Garcia-Menocal – CEO and Founder of Grove Bay Hospitality Group

Ignacio Garcia-Menocal, CEO and founder of Grove Bay Hospitality Group, joins us for this episode. Grove Bay Hospitality is a Miami-based award-winning restaurant group that creates innovative and memorable dining experiences through its critically-acclaimed restaurants. Ignacio and his team at Grove Bay were voted one of South Florida Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” in 2022, the group has a collective of nine unique restaurants and is home to two Michelin rated restaurants. In 2022, Nations Restaurant News recognized Ignacio as one of the most influential CEO’s in the country. Throughout this conversation, Ignacio shares how he went from being an accountant to entering the world of hospitality, the challenges that come from being a young leader at a company, his time as CFO at 50 Eggs, the process of opening and creating successful restaurants, and so much more.

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