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How was your summer?

This episode of STRonomics is proudly sponsored by, the leading marketing platform for STR Industries.

Join us on this episode of STRonomics as Kenny and Bill delve into their summer experiences and the evolving market landscape. Kenny kicks off by highlighting his new properties and the contrasting demand shift this summer. While the Average Daily Rate (ADR) may have dipped, the remarkable 95% occupancy rate this season, up from last year’s 87%, has caught his attention.

The conversation steers towards Bill’s intriguing ‘Super Properties’ versus his regular ones, shedding light on distinct traffic drivers. Bill opens up about a downturn in his portfolio, which he’s leveraging to innovate fresh guest acquisition approaches.

Kenny shares a pivotal moment from January when his properties faced a profitability setback. He unveils his strategy of enlisting skilled virtual assistants to streamline research and pricing analysis. Delegating tasks allows Kenny to channel his focus into pioneering marketing tactics.

Wrapping up, they delve into the pivotal aspect of property valuation’s impact on marketing and daily rate structuring. They stress the need for adaptive marketing strategies based on property value, especially when not dealing with a ‘Super Property,’ necessitating tweaks in lead time generation strategies.

[00:03] Introducing STRonomics

[00:20] How Was Your Summer?

[01:30] Kenny’s New Property

[07:28] Traffic Drivers

[08:45] Portfolio Numbers

[12:20] Buffalo Properties

[15:38] Researching

[16:50] True Value

[20:00] Wrapping Up

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