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How to Verticalize the $100 Billion Short-Term Rental Industry — A Chat with the Founder and CEO of Wander

Meet John Andrew Entwistle, Founder and CEO of Wander, one of the most exciting startups in the travel and hospitality space today. 

John Andrew had a non-traditional schooling experience.  He started and ran a game server company when he was just 13 years old, so focusing on homework wasn’t a high priority. 

In high school, John Andrew and his father agreed that an online option would be best for him as it’d allow him the opportunity to continue to pursue his projects and build companies. 

In this episode of Behind the Stays, John Andrew talks about:

-being raised by a single dad

– how he started and grew his second company Coder

– what it was like being a Thiel Fellow

– and, of course, the past, present and future of Wander — a company on a missions to verticalize the 100B+ short-term rental industry with a network of smart vacation homes in inspiring places that guests can control from their phones.

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