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How to Handle Guest Complaints the Right Way with Natalie Palmer

Guest complaints can be a challenge for any host. It’s important to know the best way to handle them in order to maintain a positive experience for your guests and yourself. As a host on Airbnb, you want to make your guests feel welcome and provide them with a memorable experience.

Many hosts think that refunding is the best way to respond to guest complaints to avoid bad reviews. However, refunding the money often doesn’t make the guest happy; the best way to handle guest complaints is by taking action and solving the problem to ensure the guest gets the best experience during their stay.

Today we are joined by Natalie Palmer, an Airbnb Superhost, Airbnb Ambassador, and STR manager. Natalie shares how she manages to run her business while raising her two kids and discusses the best approach to handling guest complaints. Additionally, she gives tips on how to deal with upset guests and explains her philosophy on why refunding is not the best way to respond to guest complaints.

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 Timestamps for the key highlights in the episode

[02:46] Know our guest; Natalie Palmer, and where she is located 

[03:09] How she got into Airbnb hosting

[05:33] How Natalie manages to run her business while raising her 2 kids

[10:00] The best approach to handle guest complaints without losing your cool

[12:14] Should you refund a guest to avoid a bad review?

 [16:12] Tip on how to deal with upset guests

[21:57] Natalie’s worst guest story

[26:20] How Natalie navigates stressful situations in the hosting business

[28:44] The lightning round:

●     Where is your favorite place to vacation?

●     What’s one place you’ve never been to that you want to visit?

●     What’s one thing you know now that you wished you knew when you

started out in the short-term rental business?   

●     What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

●     What’s one thing and/or person that you are grateful for today?

[35:33] The upcoming Level Up Your Listing Summit; A Women’s STR Summit coming

 to Scottsdale, AZ

[39:40] How to connect with Natalie Palmer

Notable Quotes

●     “If you are in hosting for the right reasons and you really value guest experience and letting your guest create memories, those few bad apples are not gonna spoil the rest for you.”

●     “Whatever you need to get outta people to reach your next level. Those people will come into your life, but you have to put yourself out there.”

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